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ㆍ 제목 [KIMSA Annual Conference] 2016 KIMSA Annual Summer Conference: Immigration Policies and Laws
ㆍ 조회수 4058 ㆍ 등록일시 2016-06-07 15:29:44
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                                                      2016 KIMSA Annual Summer Conference


Immigration Policies and Laws:

Issues, Trends, and Challenges


Date/TIme: 2016. 5. 27 (Fri), 10:00-17:00

Lacation: Ewha Womans University, School of Law Building 405(Session1), 403-1(Session2,3)

Host: Korean International Migration Studies Association, Korea Migration Law Association, Ewha Legal Science Institute


□ Program


09:40~10:00 Registration

10:00~10:10 Welcome Remarks: Dong-Hyeon Seok

(Chief of Korea Migration Law Association)

10:10~10:20 Congratulatory Message: Seung Won Choi

(chief of Ewha Legal Science Institute)

Session1: 『Immigration Policy』·『Immigration Law』Publishing Seminar (10:20~12:30)

Chair: Ki-seon Chung (Chief of KIMSA)


10:20~10:40 [Introduction to Immigration Policy and Immigration law]

1. Hye-Kyung Lee (Pai Chai University)

"Recent trends in immigration policy"

2. Chulwoo Lee (Yonsei University)

“The Logic and Practice of Law, Sovereignty and Migration”


10:40~11:00 [Issues of Migration & Security and Border Controls]

3. Jean Young Lee (Inha University)

"Migration and Security: Implication on Korea"

4. Hee Jeoung Lee (Korea University)

“Border Control and Rule of Law”

11:00~11:10 Break time


11:10~11:30 [Labour Migration]

5. Kyu-Young Lee (Korea Labor Institute)

"Issues of Korea’s labour migration policies"

6. Hong Yop Choi (Chosun University)

“Migrant Workers and Law in Korea”


11:30~11:50 [Migrants’ Human Rights and Social Security]

7. Hyun Mee Kim (Yonsei University)

"Migration Policy and Migrant Rights"

8. Hochang Roh (Hoseo University)

“Review on the Removal of Reciprocity Rule for Foreigners under Korean Social Security System”


11:50~12:20 Discussion

12:30~14:00 Lunch


Session2. (14:00~15:30 ) / Chair: Young-Tae Jung (Inha University)

1. Seori Choi·Chanwon Lee (IOM MRTC)

“Immigration Control and Political and Social Construct of "Illegality"”

2. Jeewon Min (Pai Chai University)

“Particular Social Group and Gender related Persecution in Refugee Law (Law in Context)”

3. Jeongyoon Lee (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

“A Study of Multiculturalism Policy in Canada and Thailand : Focused on Will Kymlicka's Theory”


Discussion: Julia Jiwon Shin (Chonnam University),

Myung Sun Jang (Institute for Gender and Law, Ewha Womans University), Jeongmin Seo (Yonsei University)

Session3. (15:50~16:50) / Chair: Yong Hoon Song (Kangwon University)

1.. Mihwa Park (Inha University)

“Korean Society's Social Inclusion and Exclusion towards the Migrant Workers”

2. Yeonok Lee (Inha University)

“The concept of Foreign Workers in Foreign Workers Employment Act”


Discussion: Kyung-Mi Kim (Korea Women Parliamentary Network),

Do-Hee Jeong (GyeongSang University)



이전글 2016년 한국이민학회 전기학술대회 개최
다음글 국회입법조사처, 건국대학교 이주사회통합연구소 공동세미나 개최 '이주사회통합: 이주인권(이주아동,난민,체류관리)'